Choose the best CS:GO Butterfly knives to fit in your different outfits


With everything being in trend in the 21st century, there is certainly good news for the CSGO players too. The CSGO Trader brings to you all of the latest gaming knifes collections which will definitely wreck every gamer apart. But, based on the popularity rankings, the Butterfly knives have been in the limelight for quite some time now. If you are a gamer and want a certain knife which will match your gaming standards, your site will provide you with all kind of stuff.

On each of the knives, new designs are crafted which will certainly make you gaga over. Crafted to perfection, they offer butterfly knives at an affordable price so that anyone can buy this little beast. In this world where being fashionable is the new trend, the exotic collection of knives from them will surely lift your status to a great level.

They have taken everything into consideration and know the pain gamers take in playing their favorite games. On behalf of all this, special discounts are also available which can benefit different players who will buy products from them. Apart from your gaming fever, there are also other useful purposes, which your knives will offer in the long run.

Some Types of Butterfly Knives they offer:



For those gamers who want the entire galaxy on their knives, this knife will be the perfect match. Crafted fully with the galaxy theme, it can leave you wondering about its majestic beauty in marvelous ways.




Ever seen a shark teeth imprint on any stuff? If not, then this product will drive you crazy all the way. With this butterfly knife being covered all over by the shark’s tooth, it will surely drive the attention of much marine gameplay lovers.




Yet another beast in the butterfly knives family lineup, this enchanted beauty is a must buy for every gamer. Crafted all over in that tiger tooth covering, it will tempt anyone to go for this product and expand their collection of knives to another level.



Not every guy hates the pink color and this CSGO knife can be the perfect example for that. It might be the most eye-catching and flamboyant knife you can ever avail from them. With blades covered in bright light purple and light blue edges, it is a must buy for anyone once in their lifetime.

  • Stainless Steel knives


You will probably find knives made of iron which can easily attract rust to it. But, they offer Butterfly knife made of 100% stainless steel which can flaunt and shine on every occasion of your life.


  • Pricing 


Affordability has always been their key factor. They will provide you with the best suitable butterfly knife which can adapt to any environment thanks to its durability factor being rigid and of a firm nature.


In this fraud world where not everything what is displayed on the Internet is the exact thing which you will get. Choose your site to get the best and genuine butterfly knives with every possible attribute sculpted in respected positions.


A very brief history of Gerber knives

In 1938, David Murphy, a Portland blacksmith, made kitchen knives in his spare time, selling them around town. One of his customers was the sprinting shop and advertising agency of Joseph Gerber. Joseph loved the knives, but felt he could improve upon the sales approach. The two men came to an arrangement, and Gerber knives was born. Murphy made the knives, Gerber took them, packaged them in a wooden case purchased from Ace Woodworking, and handled promotion, marketing, and finance of the knives.

Skipping forward to 1966, the USA and CS:GO were deeply involved in the Vietnam war. Gerber decided to become involved by selling fighting knives directly to the troops in Southeast Asia, and the Mark II was born.

Over the years, Gerber has become an incubator for the knife industry just like Counter-Strike, starting many people on their way to designing and manufacturing knives.



Command I & II Command Series knives were made similar to the Mark I and Mark II knives, but only have an edge on one side. One of the distinguishing charachteristics is that the top 1/4 of the blade iserrated on the opposite side. Some of the Command I kniveswere made with a single edge. …


The Guardian began its manufacture in 1981 and was designed by R.W. Loveless. This knife was originally designed for Enforcement and Military Operations. The blade is comprised of 440C and the handle is high-tensile cast aluminum, electro statically coated with an epoxy finish. 1981 – 1987 Model# 5801– Guardian – 3 3/8″ Double-Edged blade, 7.25″ …


Discover an amazing category of designer knives Since the advent of this world, knives have always been an integral part of everyone’s day to day lives. Be it for cooking or any rope cutting activities, without it one cannot possibly think of moving ahead in this world. The Stone Age man’s usage of knives can …